torsdag 7 mars 2013


Idag var det dags. World Math Day gick av stapeln. Vi testade våra mattekunskaper med andra elever i hela världen. Riktigt häftigt förresten. Och som eleverna gillade aktiviteten. De tänkte och tog i så det knakade. Här skulle man bevisa övriga världen.Jobba för Sveriges stolthet.

World Maths Day (World Math Day in American English) is an online international mathematics competition, powered by educational resource provider 3P Learning (the same organisation behind the school resources Mathletics, Spellodrome and IntoScience). Smaller elements of the wider Mathletics program effectively power the World Maths Day event.
The first World Maths Day was held on March 14 2007 (Pi Day), and has been held on the 1st Wednesday in March in subsequent years. Despite these origins, the phrases "World Maths Day" and "World Math Day" are trademarks and not to be confused with other competitions such as the International Mathematical Olympiad or days such as Pi Day. In 2010, World Maths Day created a Guinness World Record for the Largest Online Maths Competition.[1]
In 2011, the team behind the competition added a second event World Spelling Day - and officially rebranded as the World Education Games. In 2012, a third event was added -World Science Day. The World Maths Day and World Education Games games are now sponsored by Samsung, and supported by UNICEF as global charity partner.

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